Good Vibrations Music Event for the Deaf – Hosted by Aid for the Silent

A music festival may seem like an unlikely form of entertainment for the deaf, but on May 20th the first music festival for the deaf will be held in San Antonio.

deaf music concert
On May 20th the first music festival for the deaf will be held in San Antonio. The Good Vibrations Music & Arts Festival and is hosted by Aid the Silent.
The event is called The Good Vibrations Music & Arts Festival and is hosted by Aid the Silent.

The festival is the first of its kind, with closed captioning, sign language interpreters, and even vibrating backpacks to help the deaf feel the music.

Sign language interpreters help translate lyrics from artists.

Sign language interpreters must be particularly talented to keep up with a musical performance. Some of the details of the music come through differently depending on how it is interpreted. In an interview with MTV, a deaf Bonnaroo attendee explains that some interpreters will express what instruments are playing or mimic the physical expressions of the artists.

Many deaf people enjoy music even though they experience it differently.

Deaf people can feel the vibrations. MRI studies have shown that the part of the brain that hearing people would use for processing auditory stimuli can be used by deaf people to process visual and tactile stimuli.

One tool for helping the deaf experience music through tactile sensations is the SubPac.

It is a backpack which vibrates to the frequency and beat of the music. Additionally, visual effects can enhance the musical experience for deaf individuals.

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Aid the Silent, the non-profit organization hosting the event, is committed to equality for the deaf.

Aid the Silent was founded by Emma Faye who is legally deaf herself and was Miss San Antonio in 2015. Aid the Silent helps provide deaf education, deaf ministry, deaf resources and deaf research. The organization was founded after Emma Faye read that nearly half of deaf children do not graduate from college and only five percent graduate from college. Proceeds from the festival will go to the organization and will help provide assistive hearing devices, speech therapy, and Sign language lessons for disadvantaged deaf children and teens.

Ben Rector is headlining the event. Other artists include Penny & Sparrow, Ryan Proudfoot, and Brad Blackburn.

Emma Faye, the founder of Aid the Silent, will also be performing. Even though she is deaf, she sings and plays the piano, guitar, ukulele and kick drum. Additionally, there will be booths providing merchandise, art, and food. Because of Aid the Silent’s Christian mission, churches are allowed to set up booths for free.

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A Music Festival for the Deaf – Good Vibrations