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Insurance companies regularly deny the claims submitted by victims of dog bites who have not retained an experienced personal injury attorney. Many believe that the owner of a dog is automatically responsible for the actions of his animal. Unfortunately, Texas law requires proof that, prior to the bite, the owner of the animal knew or should have known of the vicious propensities of his animal. The law in Texas has historically been referred to as the “one free bite” rule, meaning that the owner may be free from liability if it is established that this was the first time this animal had shown any vicious tendencies. In most cases, it is difficult to ascertain whether the animal has ever bitten anyone before. On some occasions, the local animal control officer may have a report of a prior attack. However, many of these incidents go unreported and the owner, facing a liability claim, will rarely admit to having any knowledge of a prior bite. As a result, if is often necessary to seek out information from neighbors and the mailman to see what their experiences have been with the animal. Because of the difficult burden of proof in dog bite cases, it is best that the victim consult with a dog bite lawyer early on in the claim process.

Many people are also surprised at the damage that can be inflicted by a medium to large dog. In our practice, injuries to children are quite common, with dogs often biting their face, leaving permanent scars. (For more information on the issues involving injuries to children, please follow this link for our page dedicated to Injuries to Children.) In adults, we often see more personal injury to the extremities, with some clients losing significant amounts of muscle mass as a result of a severe dog bite to their leg or arm. Another component of many of these cases is the mental anguish suffered by the client as a result of being attacked by such a powerful and often relentless animal. Therefore, not only do clients suffer permanent disfigurement and scarring, they often face long-term episodes of post traumatic stress, especially when in proximity to other dogs or large animals.

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