Have you or someone you know recently been diagnosed with a medical condition that prevents you from working? Have you thought about filing for Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI) but the process seemed too overwhelming? Maybe you were denied SSDI benefits. If any of this applies to you or someone you know, you should call our experienced Social Security disability benefits lawyers today.

Our Austin, TX attorneys can help you through the complicated process of filing for the disability benefits you deserve. Too many Texans are denied SSDI benefits because they choose to file without the help of a lawyer. Filing for these benefits can be very frustrating, and when you are trying to deal with your medical condition on top of fighting for your benefits, it can be downright exhausting. You do not have to deal with the Social Security Administration on your own. Contact our Texas Social Security lawyers today for your free consultation. We will determine what benefits you are entitled to, and go through the whole process with you.

Hepatitis C and Medical Disabilities

A lot of people mistakenly think they do not qualify for Social Security Disability benefits because they do not have the “right” disease. In fact, the Social Security Administration (SSA), the government agency that handles disability benefits claims, has a very broad list that covers dozens of disabling medical conditions. If you have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C, you may be entitled to SSDI benefits.

Hepatitis C is an infectious disease that attacks your liver, and is a severe chronic condition. This long-term illness can be debilitating, and could lead to liver failure, liver cancer, or even death from related complications. The treatment for Hepatitis C is time-consuming and expensive, and can include medication, liver transplants, or other surgery. If your Hepatitis C has caused liver damage that impacted your ability to work, you may be entitled to SSDI benefits. If you have not suffered permanent liver damage, you could be still entitled to benefits if Hepatitis C symptoms or the extensive treatment has affected your ability to work.

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