If you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with a disabling medical or mental health condition, you may qualify to receive Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI).

The application process for these benefits is notoriously complicated and lengthy. You need an experienced Social Security Disability benefits attorney to help you apply and receive the disability benefits you may qualify for.

Social Security Disability Benefits and Health Insurance

Those who suffer from a disabling medical condition, physical or mental, can qualify for Social Security Disability benefits (SSD) if their disability prevents them from working. If you are disabled and cannot work because of the disability, you could receive cash benefits from the Social Security Administration if you can prove that your disability impairs your ability to work. If you have a disability, you probably suffer not just from your condition, but also from the high costs of treating it. Medical treatments costs for disabilities such as cancer, diabetes, strokes, spinal disease, depression, and other disabling conditions can skyrocket quickly.

Financial difficulty is a major problem to deal with on top of trying to find appropriate treatment for your condition.

As your disability grows worse, and you find yourself not able to work, you may be caught without insurance. In Texas, you are automatically enrolled in Medicare once you are approved to receive Social Security Disability benefits. Medicare enrollment ensures that a wide variety of medical treatments, and can be a welcome relief to paying for your treatment out-of-pocket. Once you begin receiving SSD benefits, you will be qualified for Medicare 24 months after your payment starts. Because you have to wait 24 months after receiving your benefits to be enrolled in Medicare, it is very important to not wait to apply.

COBRA insurance and SSDI
If you are currently enrolled in COBRA, you must notify your provider within 60 days of receiving your SSDI award.

If you are currently enrolled in COBRA, you must notify your provider within 60 days of receiving your SSDI award.

You must send this notification before the initial 18-month COBRA coverage period expires. It is important that you do not wait too long to begin the application process; otherwise you may become uninsured if your COBRA benefits run out before you received Social Security Disability benefits.

Applying for disability benefits is complex, and if you apply alone it can be very challenging.

Even if you are considered disabled, you may still be denied benefits. Let our experienced Texas disability benefits lawyers help you file your application. We can also assist you if you were previously denied disability benefits and want to appeal that decision.

Long Term Disability Attorneys

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