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Austin Long Term and Social Security Disability Lawyers dedicated to helping you obtain needed Disability Benefits.

We have the success of proven track record to help you win your disability claim.
We have 75 years combined experience helping the disabled.
We are devoted to our clients and the well being of their families.

Our courtroom experience, at the federal level, is what sets Bemis, Roach & Reed apart.

We have successfully litigated against virtually every major long term disability insurance carrier in the United States. We are familiar with their claims handling practices and the lawyers who will defend them. We have successfully tried countless cases in Federal court and have won many at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Our philosophy as a leading disability firm is “an uncompromising will to win.” We are not intimidated by the federal courts. We are devoted to representing individuals who have been wrongly denied their disability benefits from the first appeal all the way to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

When injured and disabled persons have to deal with big insurance companies to fight for their rights, they need to have a knowledgeable and experienced long term disability attorney by their side.

Insurance companies fight hard to dispute claims and keep compensation low and make their bottom line higher. They do all they can to minimize injuries, drag out cases, and delay compensation and make your life miserable.

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Helping disabled clients to a better quality of life.

Bemis, Roach & Reed are skilled trial lawyers who are well reputed among our peers, known by insurance companies, referred by former clients, and respected by judges and lawyers in courtrooms throughout Texas.

While we are able to favorably resolve many of our clients’ disputes through aggressive negotiation, we will not run from litigation. Make sure to ask the attorney you are interviewing if they are willing to take your case all the way to trial.

Located in Austin, our long term disability lawyers have successfully resolved cases for clients throughout Texas, including San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, El Paso, Galveston, Corpus Christi and other Texas cities.

Long Term Disability Attorneys

If you are unable to work due to accident or illness you may be eligible for Social Security Disability or Long-Term Disability benefits. If you have applied for benefits and been denied, contact the attorneys at Bemis, Roach and Reed for a free consultation. We strongly protect the rights of our clients to ensure they receive the disability assistance they deserve. Contact our Texas Disability Lawyers at 512-454-4000 to schedule your free consultation today.


Bemis, Roach & Reed has helped clients who are disabled from a wide variety of medical conditions. If you are unable to work due to any of the following conditions and have been denied disability benefits, contact us. We would like to help.

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