President Trump has released his budget proposal for 2018

If approved the proposed financial plan would have a devastating impact on those suffering from disabilities.

trumps budget harms the disabled
Trump’s budget plan would be devastating for the disabled. Despite promises to leave Social Security and Medicaid “untouched,” the Trump budget drastically cuts both programs removing the safety net for many Americans.
On Tuesday, May 23, the White House released its 2018 budget proposal.

This plan came as a shock to many, particularly in light of the promises made by President Trump during his campaign. Despite explicit promises to leave Social Security and Medicaid “untouched,” the Trump budget proposes drastic cuts to both programs. Not only does this budget go against promises to the rural and blue-collar voters Mr. Trump swore to help, but it will be most harmful to low-income and disabled individuals in dire need of assistance.

The Administration proposes cutting Medicaid spending by more than $600 billion over the next ten years, seemingly in addition to the $839 billion in Medicaid cuts included in the American Healthcare Act, potentially totaling roughly $1.5 Trillion in cuts to Medicaid alone.

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that this would terminate Medicaid benefits for about 14 million low-income individuals over the next decade. Unfortunately, the plan is unclear about how it will implement these cuts, so experts are uncertain about just how much Medicaid funding will be lost, though they agree the results would be staggering.

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President Trump’s budget also proposes cutting Social Security Disability Insurance (which provides assistance to over 10 million disabled people every month) by an estimated $73 billion over the next ten years.

The Administration wants to heighten requirements to qualify for aid and reduce what it calls “improper payments” by half. White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney has attempted to defend the Social Security Disability cut, insisting it does not break Mr. Trump’s promise not to touch Social Security because “It’s not what most people consider to be Social Security.”

The proposals in this budget are very alarming, and if enacted would throw vast numbers of people off of programs that they desperately need and depend on.

Furthermore, many economists have asserted that Mr. Trump’s plan is based on erroneous economic assumptions, and will fail to have its intended effect. Based on the erroneous economic calculations this budget relies on, as well as its seriously harmful potential to the most vulnerable parts of our society, many experts believe the budget will not be adopted by Congress. Not surprisingly, most members of Congress (including many on both sides of the isle) oppose this budget.

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Trump’s budget would be devastating for those with disabilities.